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  1. suegranzella says:

    OMG! This is wondrous.


  2. Kg says:

    Thank you! And happy birthday to the sweetest and smartest two year old in all 50 states and several countries! ❤️ Aunt Kathy

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  3. Cina Kraft says:

    Thanks for sharing, Jenny. Truth be told, I had to stop at 1:49. It’s been a long day, and couldn’t take all the senior moments from these two. arrrghhhh, too close to home. Graduate degrees, post-graduate degrees……. I’ll try later in the evening, when my strength might be back. xoxoxo CK 😖

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  4. Barbara Casler says:

    Jenny, that made me laugh and smile and laugh again!! Loved it so much!🤣😂❤️

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  5. Angie Zimmerman says:

    I love your parents so much. This is amazing. “You’re screwing up your lines already Dave, geeeeez!!”


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