A Note to Jenny True WordPress Followers


Readers: Thank you! Your comments and messages and simple readership have kept me going for almost four years, through crazy dating, impregnation, marriage, birth, and parenting. I appreciate you. As you know, it takes a village (see above for the village that kept Gargantubaby from dropping beans all over himself last night).

At the end of this month, the Jenny True site will port to a different platform, meaning it will disappear from your WordPress feed. The URL will be the same, but you won’t be notified about new posts.

If you’d like to keep reading, you can:

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter by (for now) sending an email to jennytrueblog@gmail.com (newsletter functionality will be automated on the new site). I’ll add you to the subscriber list manually (and you can unsubscribe at any time).
  2. Follow Jenny True on Instagram: @_jenny_true_

Happy New Year!


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