Latkes and WTF I’m pregnant

This is what I was doing when I found out I was pregnant: DRINKING WINE. This is why: I like wine. Also: My cycle is 26 days. For the men: That means every 26 days of my fucking life I bleed from my VAGINA. On Day 26 of my last MENSTRUAL CYCLE, I took a pregnancy test….

Potatoes roasted with sage and thyme and Rodin’s Thinker

I figured out something I don’t like: people posing in front of statues doing what the statue is doing. Rodin’s Thinker, for example. Posing in front of Rodin’s Thinker acting like Rodin’s Thinker is very popular. Dozens of casts of Rodin’s Thinker are spread across four continents. This is unfortunate. This gives the most amount of people with…