Mom: Wow! What a great concept. Very sharp. Very funny. Very sarcastic. But in a nice way. Not a mean girl way. But with a recipe! I think it’s brilliant.

Dad: I always enjoyed your humorous writing since you wrote about dropping your cell phone and having a bus run over it.

My brother: When Mom and Dad talk, it never occurred to me that it’s funny. But seeing it written down it’s funny.

My best friend from eighth grade: You sound like a nightmare to live with.

A friend of a friend: I always have to make sure I’m sitting on a towel before I read your blog.

A friend of my husband:  I love reading Jenny’s writing because she can apparently make anything funny.

A former student: We really only know each other through your encouraging guidance in writing classes. So for me reading your blog is like finding out that your really cool biology teacher from high school has a night gig performing in “Puppetry of the Penis.”

A Canadian reader: You and just the baby gets a little lonesome. You and just the baby and this blog — not so much.

An American reader: You may be miserable, but at least you’re still funny.